Tier 3: Testing How To

Follow these steps to submit a test job using the UI:
(before proceeding you should have a valid Grid Proxy issued: see here for more information)
  1. mkdir Test
  2. save this testjob file in the "Test" directory under the name put3test.jdl
  3. cd Test
  4. edg-job-submit --vo cms put3test.jdl
  5. Once the job is submitted one gets a job ID URL (a https link)
  6. One can try 2-3 times to see if the job finished without errors with above command
  7. Now retrieve the output of the successfully finished job by:
Once you are done with this simple test, you can proceed with the regular CMSSW CRAB job submission test.

Contact: Vipin Bhatnagar                                 Created 9th Oct., 2007