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How to get the MAC Address

For a PC running Windows 98:

It is necessary to open a command prompt and issue:

ipconfig /all

which will give several lines of information about the Windows 98 IP Configuration
and the Ethernet or wireless adapter Local Area Connection including a line like:
Physical Address . . . . . .. : 00-90-27-E0-03-18.
Windows 2000:

When the program comes up, follow: Components >> Network >> Adapter
Look for the ethernet or Wireless adapters section and note the MAC Address(es) as in the example below:
Name    [00000000] Intel (R) PRO/10+ PCI Adapter

Adapter Type    Ethernet 802.3
Service Name    E100B
IP Address
IP Subnet
Default IP Gateway
MAC Address     00 : 90 : 27 : 64 : D6 : 84 (example, do not copy!)
IRQ Number      10
I/O Port        0xE400 - 0xE41F
Windows XP:

For a PC running Windows XP there are two possibilities:

There are lots of way to get the MAC address in Linux (as usual)! The simple way is:

/sbin/ifconfig     (if your WiFi Card is detected by your Linux PC/Laptop already)

The very first line against your wifi network adaptor (usually eth1 or ath0) will list the HWaddr (or the MAC address)
eth1      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:19:D1:32:4D:76
             blah blah...........

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