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  News Flash: India-CMS Meeting on 23th-24th August, at Chandigarh

    Welcome to the Home Page of EHEP (Experimental High Energy Physics) group of Panjab University, Chandigarh.
This is one of the oldest groups in India involved in the experimental particle physics - starting from the days of
Emulsions, Bubble Chambers and to the present day electronic detectors at the collider experiments namely:  
DZERO,  CMS. BELLE, ZEUS. The recent neutrino related searches has also encouraged the group members to
join the upcoming ICAL (Iron-Calorimeter) collaboration at INO (India based Neutrino Observatory) which would
be studying the atmosphereic neutrinos about 2 Km below a mountain peak.

Group Faculty
          The group consists of five faculty members who are active in the mentioned experiments.

Group Members

           The EHEP group is supported by Engineering staff, Technical and Secretarial staff and a Post-Doctoral Fellow.
There are number of graduate students enrolled with the group's faculty for their Ph.D. and M.Phil degrees.

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